'Pain is inevitable.

Suffering is optional.'

-Haruki Murakami

Melissa H. Daugherty, LCSW

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Welcome to New Perspectives Counseling Services

Life is hard. And at times, life can be very hard. There are countless ways it can create significant pain for us.

Perhaps you're struggling with

Yes, there are countless ways life can create pain for us. But how we respond to any these difficulties can either help us resolve our challenges or make them worse and lead to unnecessary suffering.

If you find yourself stuck in life's pain and suffering and not getting better on your own, consider calling me, Melissa H. Daugherty, LCSW at New Perspectives Counseling Services. I can provide you with understanding, support, and experienced counsel to help you cope with the many emotional and relational problems that life can bring.

There can be hope and healing for life's pain and suffering. 'Perhaps' you will call me to help you discover new perspectives in your life.